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Choosing the right parts for your hot melt equipment can make all the difference for overall performance, downtime, and savings. Our experts will verify all the specs for your system from the length of hoses, modules, nozzles and correctly cut off for adhesive output for your specific needs. Keystone stocked parts and systems normally ship within 24 hours of your order so that we can meet your NeedTime℠ so your project isn’t held up by our lead time

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Hot Melt Parts & Equipment by Keystone Industries®

Keystone Industries®  manufactures adhesive dispensing equipment in addition to the hot melt parts. Avoid getting locked into big OEM specialized equipment that may be an oversell.  Don’t fall for that high pressure OEM sells tactic! Keystone is here to provide equipment and replacement parts at a discounted price to reduce your budget spend, downtime and delivery time. Our quality made aftermarket parts for OEMs such as, Nordson®, ITW Dynatec®, Graco®, Slautterback® and others are a fraction of the price and are reliable.  Are you operating Just In Time inventory?  We deliver in your NeedTime℠ not our lead time.

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Glue Melter Repair & Overhaul

Looking to extend the life of your glue melters? It is not only possible, but also very popular these days. Reduce the capital spending in the glue equipment area by having Keystone refurbish your glue melters. Not quite ready for a total overhaul, but need a melter repaired, we do that too! We repair and refurbish Nordson®, ITW Dynatec®, Slautterback®, and Valco/Melton® equipment. We also have an exchange program if scheduled downtime is limited. Avoid paying for brand new, expensive OEM systems and choose to put life back into your current investment. Speak with one of our experienced sales professionals today to find out more!

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DIY Flush and Clean Nordson Glue Melter

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Testimonials from Our Clients

“The difference in Keystone and dealing with the OEM is the close relationship. I don't look at Keystone as just another vendor, but more as friends making my job easier. Very helpful folks.”

“We saved $40,000 in 1 year just in parts by purchasing through Keystone instead of the OEM. That amount did not include all the recommendations that made our lines run more efficiently.”

“Your office staff is so helpful with confirming orders and answering questions.”

“The difference in Keystone and dealing with the OEM is the close relationship. I don't look at Keystone as just another vendor, but more as friends making my job easier. Very helpful folks.”

“Keystone helped us by making recommendations that reduced our nozzle usage by half. Thanks for training our mechanics too!”

“Your hoses last longer than the OEM hoses and you are half the price.”

What We Do & How We Do It

Our expertise is in re-engineering OEM parts, such as Nordson®, Graco®, ITW Dynatec®, Slautterback® and we are proud of that. We give our customers a low cost alternative to the expensive OEMs. Partnering with Keystone means parts are delivered in your NeedTime℠, not our lead time. We try to meet and exceed your expectations on delivery. For sales or tech support you will receive a friendly voice on the other end who genuinely cares that you are happy with our customer service and products. We understand that when you need tech support, it is usually an emergency and you would rather speak with a live person and NOT a machine

We have a large product line of quality hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components for any of your gluing system’s needs. So come on over to Keystone today to begin saving and enjoying a great partnership with people who care.

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What Sets Us Apart?

The Keystone team is passionate about replicating hot melt parts that are durable and reliable so customers can depend on us for consistent uptime. We also provide:

Focus on Customer

You, the customer, are why we are here. We will do everything together, as a hard working team, to make you happy and successful.

24/7 Technical Support

Our experts are here to walk you through some of the toughest situations and have your lines up and running quickly.

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Products delivered by your requested date.

Call 800-235-8090 or contact us online for more information on our complete selection of hot melt system parts and equipment or to request assistance in placing your order.

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