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Nordson® Handgun Replacement – Reduce End of Line Waste

Everyone at one time or another has had problems with cartons/cases being missed in the gluing process on the automated packaging lines.  There is a great solution you can easily set up that is inexpensive and will reduce end of line waste. Keystone makes a manual glue handgun that will connect to the automated glue hoses directly to your existing melter.  There is no need to purchase expensive glue sticks.  You are able to use your bulk adhesive in your existing melter. If this sounds like a good option for you, please call us so we can give you pricing on the correct pinned out handgun to connect to your exact melter. Angela Wagley 800-235-8090

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Industrial Glue Stick Handgun

In the market for a heavy duty glue stick handgun?  The KGG220 is durable and inexpensive ($130) for those short term projects and for reseals in the packaging industry.    The KGG220 uses 1/2" glue stick.  We also can supply the 1/2" x 12 " general purpose EVA glue sticks (sold by 22lb box - call for pricing).  Shop in one place and save time and money. The glue gun has adjustable temperature of 248°F to 428°F, has 4-fingered trigger and comes in 120V. Angela Wagley Keystone Industries®, Inc. 800-235-8090

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Graco® Invisipac™ Handheld Applicator

Looking for a handgun for your Graco® Invisipac™ glue melter?  Our durable, reliable handguns will provide a long term cost effective solution to your non-automated production needs.  Many facilities use these for assembly of products or for reseals on an automated packaging line. We make many varieties that will fit most OEM melters.  You can choose to have a top or bottom mount version, depending on your specific set up.  Our handguns are the lightest weight on the market, have a 4 fingered trigger, swivel for easy operation and are ergonomically sound.  There is a trigger safety lock to prevent accidental engagement of the trigger. We can also provide handgun hanger kits and booms for your workstations.  Having hangers and booms can extend the life of the handgun by preventing operators from dropping the handguns.  Handgun Prices for the Invisipac™: KHGG101 - 240V 120ohm bottom mount:  $675.00/each KHGG102 - 240V 100ohm bottom mount:  $695.00/each We have more varieties, including top mount - please call for pricing and availability.  We make to order. Angela Wagley Keystone Industries®, Inc. 800-235-8090

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Glue Applicator for HMT® Glue Melter

Looking for an alternative for fast delivery on glue handguns and hoses for the HMT® melters?  Our Versashot handguns and glue hoses are durable and reliable.  We provide quick delivery times and warranties on both parts. 

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Heated Glue Hoses – Manufactured for Nordson®, Slautterback®, HMT®, Melton & ITW Melters

Looking for long lasting, high performance glue hoses?   Need a special hose for a special application?   Since we manufacture hoses, we have the expertise to assist you with your needs.  You can avoid the middle man and buy direct, saving you hundreds of dollars. We manufacture reliable heated glue hoses that fit Nordson®, Slautterback®, HMT®, Melton and ITW glue melters.   Styles:  Washdown, Bulk Melter, High Flex, Handgun, 115V to 240V, RTD & Thermostat Controlled, Foam Melter, Heated Spray, Corrugated, and many more. Contact us for your specific Spray Hose for ITW

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Which Nozzle Is Best for My Application?

Choosing the right hot melt glue gun nozzle goes a long way toward guaranteeing a clean and secure job. Your hot melt adhesive nozzle needs to be adapted to your industry, the materials you’re joining and the geometry and nature of your contact surfaces. Whether you’re seeking hot melt glue nozzles for carton sealing or another specific application, we’ve got you covered. Our team here at Keystone Industries® can help you determine which nozzle is best for your application.

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Variety of Glue Nozzles

High Quality Adhesive Nozzles   Did you know that Keystone Industries® manufacturers glue nozzles for a variety of OEM melters, such as Valco/Melton, Pearson, Nordson®, Slautterback® and ITW/LTI®?

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