2 More Days till the end of the Mayan Calendar

What does that really mean?

I found information about the facts behind the Mayan calendar at the History Channel website.
I think the end of the world as we have known it has ended many times over.

Think about how things were so incredibly different 100 years ago.
It is mind boggling when you think about it.

There have been so many inventions, especially in communications.  I sometimes think we are less informed.  Before, you didn’t have to interpret emotions through reading text and emails – it was real when done face to face.  Families are less together with all the technology – they go more there own ways and are absorbed and entrenched in these electronic devices.  It is really a little sad how we have lost some of that human interaction with each other.  Seems a bit cold.  

Maybe we will have some sort of episode where these devices are disengaged by some sort of sun flare – maybe everyone loses power for weeks – can you imagine?  How would the US operate?  We are very dependent on power and electronics.

So, you couldn’t crank your car to go to work and can’t call anyone.  If you can walk or ride a bike to work, what will you do when you get there?  Can’t call anyone and all your files and work are on the computer that doesn’t work.  Truckers can’t crank there trucks unless they have an old truck with no electronics – if trucks can’t move, restaurants and grocery stores get no deliveries.  All cash registers will be down – banks will be down.  It goes on and on.

We would be totally dependent on what we currently have in our households and resources close by our homes.
Are you prepared for such an event?

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