Benefits of Working With a Small Company


Have you noticed that the OEMs just don’t have that personal service anymore?  Do you feel like a number when you call them?  There are benefits to working with a small organization.
We understand it is business, but work is where we spend most of our time and why not get to know the people you spend the most time with?  We like to have some fun with those we talk to and brighten their day.
Keystone is all about serving our customers, getting to know our customers and ultimately making the customer’s workday a little easier.  Instead of feeding you our lead times, we believe it is about delivering products in your NeedTime.
You, the customer,  will enjoy the benefits of us helping you with solutions, with education, providing products with value, and delivering the products quickly.
We aren’t shy about asking about your day because we know you are a person, just like we are, trying to make a good life.
If we have not had the pleasure of doing business with you, we invite you to give us a try for parts that fit Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW/Dynatec®, Valco/Melton®,HMT®and Graco®hot melt adhesive dispensing systems.
We offer free samples so you can try before you buy.
We are here to provide you a helping hand – visit our site and give us a call.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries®, Inc.

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