Bulk Melter Heated Hoses for Nordson® Melters

Keystone winds hoses at the manufacturing plant located in Winder, GA.  
Bulk Melter hoses are just one of many varieties that we assemble.

These hoses are reliable and long lasting due to several factors:

  • Contain a strong Teflon® inner tube, reinforced with braided stainless steel sheathing
  • Core is fully wrapped with heater wire for even and consistent heat dispersion
  • Core is fully wrapped in flame resistant NOMEX™ for insulation and for safety
  • Core is fully wrapped in insulated tape to keep hose efficient in use of energy
  • Outside is wrapped with a durable Nylon™ braid to resist abrasion

Prices start at $695 for a 10 ft length.  
Nordson® Part Nos.

We make the Foam Melter hoses too.  
Prices start at $650 for a 10 ft length.

If you are unsure which hose you need, please let me know.

Angela Wagley

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