Old Style Nozzles for Nordson® H20 Applicators

June 11, 2013

Nordson® has made many parts of their melters and parts obsolete.   One of those parts specifically is the H20 style modules (153011).  We manufacture the H20 Style module, applicator heads and glue nozzles. There is nothing wrong with the performance of these older versions of applicator heads and nozzles.  Nordson® developed newer versions and would […]

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Buy Rebuilt Nordson® 1048115 Glue Modules

May 30, 2013

Why buy new? Are modules becoming a huge expense?  We rebuild Nordson® 1048115 modules.      Price is $85/each with exchange of your old module. Easy-On™ modules have the hanging feature that assists in installation.  Mounting orings are included, but we also supply those in packages of 10.Angela

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Glue Modules for Nordson® Applicator Heads

May 29, 2013

After your modules bite the dust, what are your options? Do you have to buy new from the OEM?Not necessarily…….Options Keystone offers: rebuild your existing OEM modules with a Keystone rebuild kit exchange your 1048115 for a rebuilt OEM module buy an aftermarket module that works as well as an OEM module for 1/2 the price […]

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Rebuilding Nordson® parts in house to save money

May 22, 2013

Is your company scraping for every penny these days?If you have good mechanics, maybe consider rebuilding in house to help prolong the life of Nordson® glue parts.To prolong the life of the Nordson® melters and parts: Clean nozzles Purge glue melter Rebuild piston pump Rebuild modules Replace tank filter and inline filters frequently Rebuild kits […]

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Glue Extrusion at 90 degrees for Nordson® Applicators

May 1, 2013

Does your packaging application require glue to be applied from a 90 degree angle?Depending on how you mount your glue applicator head will determine the type of nozzle needed.There are options for 90 degree applications:The standard 90 degree nozzles – fit standard 1048115 or 276119 Nordson® modules: fits The 90 degree nozzles for the standard […]

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Issue with Glue Tails on Nordson® Applicator?

February 26, 2013

Are you having issues with glue showing on your consumer cartons or labels?You could quite possibly be using the wrong kind of module on your Nordson® glue applicator.  There are different modules for different applications.Some modules will provide a more precise cut off and eliminate your glue tail issues.The cavity in a nozzle can create […]

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Glue Modules – AO/SC or AO/AC?

January 11, 2013

What are some differences in modules for your Nordson® Applicator?Do you need one that is air open/spring closed (AO/SC)? orDo you need one that is air open/air closed (AO/AC)?What is the difference?It all depends on the speed of your application.  If you need a quicker cut off because your substrate is moving at a high […]

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H200 Style Modules for Nordson®

November 21, 2012

CYBER MONDAY – BIG BLOW OUT SALE on H200 style modules for Nordson® melters. Order ONLINE All Day ON 11/26/12 @ $65 each

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CyberSale – H200 Style Modules for Nordson® Melters

November 19, 2012

CyberSale on November 26.  H200 Style modules for Nordson® glue melters- brand new for $65/each. Check out the modules at H200 Style Modules.  Use promo code MONMOD when placing your online order.  Place code in comments/notes. We look forward to serving you! ONE DAY ONLY – $65/EACH Order online at

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