Change Filters on Nordson® Melters – Prolong Parts Life

Would you like to extend the life of parts on your Nordson®, Melton, ITW and/or Slautterback® Glue Melters?

Saturn Style – Hose to Gun
ProBlue Tank Filter
2300/3000 Tank Filter
ITW Filters
Old Style Inline Filter

Changing tank, pump and inline filters will start you on the right path.

After flushing your glue melter tank, change any filters.  This will prevent clogging of hoses, heads, modules and nozzles.  A little maintenance all along will bring huge savings down the road.  The money spent in downtime will decrease also! 

 We carry tank and inline filters for Nordson® ProBlue, 3000, 2300, and Model IV/V.  We carry head and pump filters for Slautterback® and pump and head filters for ITW and Melton.

Don’t risk downtime over a clogged nozzle – change your filters regularly during your PM process.

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