Circuit Boards for Nordson®, ITW Glue Melters

When a circuit board fails on your glue unit, you are in a pinch immediately. We repair circuit boards for Nordson®, ITW and other glue melters. Many of the Nordson® circuit boards are repaired and on our shelf ready for exchange.

The Benefit of Repairing Circuit Boards

The price you pay for a repaired circuit board is significantly less than buying new. Also, the lead time with the OEM for a new board can be beyond what is acceptable in having your packaging or assembly line running again. Downtime is costly and we understand. We can give you an alternative and have your line up and running right away.

Find Rebuilt Glue Melters at Keystone

We do not have all of the circuit boards listed online, so talk to a Keystone representative to find the specific circuit board you need. If you would like to purchase a rebuilt glue melter or discuss a complete glue melter rebuild, please let us know. We offer rebuild services and exchange services for your old core. Contact us online or call us at 800-235-8090 to discuss your rebuild today.

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