Clearing Nordson®  ProBlue® F9 Fault

Normally, there is no need to monitor the operation of the auto-fill system.  But, if the fill system is unable to satisfty the level sensor in the time limit set for the Fill Time Delay (parameter 48), an F9 fault will display and the alarm will sound.
Follow the simple instructions below to reset and clear the fault:


  1. Melter fault light (red)
  2. Melter ready light (green)
  3. Refill alarm LED (red)
  4. Fill system enable key
  5. Clear/reset key
  6. Enter key

Note:  When the refill alarm output is activated, the melter heaters stay on and the melter ready remote output remains active.

  1. Press the Fill System Enable key (4) to disable the fill system and the alarm.
  2. Correct the fault condition.
  3. Press the Clear/Reset key (5).
  4. Press the Fill System Enable key (4) to enable the fill system.

Note:  It may take up to 30 seconds for the reset command to take effect.

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