Do you have a supply of water for emergencies?

Water is our most precious resource.  People go about their daily busy lives without a thought as to how much water they use.  Do you know how much water you consume a day?

What would you do in an emergency if you could not leave your home for even 2 weeks?  Your water supply and electricity is cut off – can you survive without water?

The experts say between 8-14 days is the maximum survival time for the human body to go without water.  Half of that time, you will be delirious and unable to make logical decisions.

A typical person uses 1 gallon of water per day for cooking and drinking – this does not include bathing or other bathroom activities.

A good start would be to keep 2 weeks of water per person in storage.  I found a good website that offers reasonable prices on stackable storage containers.  When you use the water for drinking, remember to boil the water first.  Visit for these handy storage containers.

Boiling the water will require either fire or electricity so make sure you have that resource available too.  Some basic ideas on cooking resources:

Keep extra propane tanks for your gas grill
Keep an abundance of wood for the fireplace
Keep fuel for a camping stove

Start out small and store 2-4 weeks of essentials and then add to your stash gradually.  

Set a goal for 6 months so it is not such a burden mentally and financially.  The important factor is that you are moving in the right direction for preparing you and your family for protection in an emergency situation.

Angela Wagley
Prepared, not panicked

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