Extend life of Nordson® Glue Melter

With everyone trying to cut spending, maintaining your current packaging equipment can be crucial.

With your Slautterback®, ITW, Melton and Nordson® glue melters there are ways to extend the life of the equipment.  Check with your adhesive specs before trying this.  Lower the temperature of your glue tank and set the temperature of your glue applicator head and hose at the your normal applicating set temperature.  Always keep the glue tank full of adhesive to minimize char build up on the sides of the tank.

Simple steps such as these can extend the life of the glue melter and the parts.

You also will want to add purging to your PM schedule.  This will cut down on char build up in the   nooks and crannies in the manifold under the pump.

Is your pump acting flaky?  Not holding pressure?  You can always have the pump rebuilt for a quarter of the cost of new.  

I can offer a PM maintenance program and get you started.  Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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