Fault Log on Nordson® ProBlue Melters

How to Find the Fault Log on Nordson® ProBlue Melters

Did you know that your Nordson® ProBlue glue melter records faults? The melter stores the last 10 faults. Do you have several production shifts running and all the faults seem to occur during the shift you are not available?

This could be your answer to finding out the root cause or at least identifying if faults are actually occurring.

Instructions for Retrieving Nordson® ProBlue Fault Log

  1. Press and hold the Setup key. Automatic scan stops and operating parameter 1 appears in left display.
  2. Scroll left display to parameter 2 (fault log). Right display indicates last fault that occurred as follows; if last fault was a F1, F2 or F3, then the LED on the affected component key displays yellow. If last fault was a F4, then LEDs on all component keys turn off. The right display indicated the log entry for the last fault to occur.
  3. Press the right display scroll key to review each of the remaining nine logged entries. Each time the scroll key is pressed, the next older entry will display. The log displays most recent fault first.
  4. When finished reviewing log, press the Setup key to return to the automatic scan mode.

For information regarding each fault, refer to the complete manual.

Replace Faulty Parts with Keystone

If fault indicates faulty parts, please contact us to order parts. If you are still having issues with identifying a resolution to the fault, please call us at (800)235-8090 for free technical assistance.

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