Flushing/Purging Your Nordson® Glue Melter

RED BARON TANK CLEANER – Tank Flushing Instructions
for your Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW or Melton Melter.
                                    Choice of 3 sizes:
                              RB-1:  1 gallon container
                              RB-5:  5 gallon container (as shown)
                              RB-55:  55 gallon drum
(long sleeves, gloves, safety glasses)
1.       Drain glue unit of all adhesive.
2.       Turn off pump pressure on glue unit.
3.       Relieve the glue pressure from the glue unit.
4.       Take the applicator head(s) off of the hose(s).
5.       Pour the Red Baron in the glue pot up to the fill line.  Do not overfill.
6.       Turn pump pressure on.
7.       Pump adhesive out of hose(s) until Red Baron appears.
8.       You may keep hose on to clean hose(s) and just re-circulate into the glue tank. 
9.       Gently scrape (using high temperature plastic or wooden tool – do not use metal –this  may damage the Teflon coating)
10.     Run with either old tank filter in or out. (if running with no tank filter, be sure to have a spare o-ring).
11.     Drain all the cleaner.   If the char still drains from the manifold/tank, repeat steps 5 through 11 until there is no char.
12.     After tank is clean and all cleaner is drained, install a new tank filter.  Take this opportunity to change any inline filters between the hoses and heads and change any old nozzle tips.
13.     Fill tank with new adhesive and purge hose(s) and head(s) until clean adhesive appears.
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