Glue Hose Routing – Simple Tips for Extended Life

Simple tips to Extend the life of glue hoses

  • Use the proper fittings (90°/Straight/45°) to maximize support and minimize hose bending.
  • Do not exceed the bend radius = Minimum bend radius for 5/8″ id hose is 11 inches and Minimum bend radius for 5/16″ id hose is 8 inches.
  • Reduce binding by using hook and loop straps for securing instead of cable ties.
  • Suspend hoses and manual dispensing glue guns away from the floor to prevent tripping, crushing and chaffing.
  • Use braided style hoses in applications where handgun hoses may drag across edges.
  • Use high flex hoses where robotics are used.
  • Verify the hose length is appropriate for the area to prevent stretching and extra strain on the fittings and areas surrounding the fittings.
We manufacture a variety of adhesive hoses for all types of applications and for OEM melters, such as Nordson®, Slautterback®, Melton, ITW, Robatech®, HMT® and Meltex®.
We also make the hoses made obsolete by Nordson.

Standard Thermostat
High Flex
Bulk Melter
Foam Melter
Trine Style
Handgun Style

We carry the fittings and the inline filter assemblies that are on the ends of the hoses.  Please let me know if you need help with ordering.

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