Glue Machine Parts Catalog – High Quality 1/2 the Price

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Keystone Industries® has been manufacturing parts for hot adhesive dispensing equipment, such as Nordson®, Slautterback®®, ITW®, Melton, Robatech® and HMT®® since 1990.

We are the leader in aftermarket parts in regards to customer service, short lead times and high quality parts that perform, as well as, or better than the OEM parts.

Some of the items we manufacturer or can supply:

Heated hoses
Inline and tank filters
Rebuilt OEM glue melters
Viton Orings
Seal Kits
Rebuilt piston pumps
……and much more

Spend your money wisely with Keystone.  We are available at any time for technical questions.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries®

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