Glue Nozzle Clogs

How to Prevent a Glue Nozzle Clog

Do your applicator heads fire this clean?

If not, a little simple maintenance may be in order. There are several factors that can prevent a nozzle from having a clean flow:

  • Contaminants in the nozzle tip
  • Inline filter full of contaminants
  • No inline filter in use
  • Tank filter full of contaminants
  • Hose is old and has collected contaminants
  • Tank walls are burned with char

View the inside of the tank for cleanliness. If the tank is charred, many components will have a reduced life. For a quick simple cleaning, view our video and use Red Baron cleaner. The hoses/tank and inline filters/modules/nozzles should be changed after the full cleaning in order to begin with a clean slate.

Common Causes of Glue Nozzle Clogs

If your tank is clean, begin by checking the tank filter and inline filters. It may be a simple filter change that is needed.

If the filters are clean, check the module and nozzle. For cleaning nozzles, use Keystone’s nozzle cleaning kit.

If you still experience extrusion issues, you may have a hose that needs replacing. Keystone winds all styles of hoses, from 2 foot in length up to 60 ft in length.

Keystone Can Help With Your Glue Nozzle Clog Issues

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