Glue Nozzles for Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW, Pearson & Melton

Not all aftermarket nozzles are the same.  Keystone invests time and money in guaranteeing the glue nozzles perform to customer expectations.  At the same time, we can offer lower prices due to lower overhead.

We have a variety of nozzles for Nordson® such has button, multi-orifice, right angle, handgun style, swirl/spray style, extended multi-orifice, pencil, short pencil and needle style.  In our many years of manufacturing, we have continually improved our nozzles’ performance.
This provides you:
  • Ease of change out reduces downtime.
  • Orifices sizes are exactly the same as OEM providing the same bead and bead cut off.
  • Reduction in end of line rejects with accurate bead placement on substrate.
  • Consistent performance due to precision machining.
We also manufacture nozzles for ITWSlautterback®, Valco/Melton and Pearson in different varieties.
Keystone supplies the retaining nuts for those nozzles requiring retaining nuts.  
Unsure of the exact nozzle you need for your application?  Please contact us.


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