Glue Nozzles for Nordson®, Slautterback®, Melton & ITW Melters

There are a couple of ways to save money on the glue nozzles.  

  • The OEMs are very expensive.  Keystone can offer large savings, great ship times and good quality on the nozzles.

We have nozzles for the pneumatic and electric applicator heads.  We carry straight, 90 degree single, dual and triple orifice, multi nozzles, stainless steel nozzles, old style nozzles for H20 heads, Pearson, needle nozzles for corrugated and bookbinding, hand glue gun nozzles and many more.

Heat cleaner in crock pot and drop nozzles in cleaner for overnight soak.  Carefully remove the nozzles and before they are completely cool, probe out the contaminants from the nozzle orifice.  Wipe the nozzle off with a lint free cloth and they are ready for reuse.



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