Heated Glue Hoses for Nordson® and Slautterback®

Looking for durable and long lasting glue hoses for your Nordson® and Slautterback® glue melters?
You have 3 choices:

OEM – High Price & High Quality
Keystone Industries® – Reasonable Price & High Quality
Aftermarket Parts Companies – Low Price & Low Quality

With Keystone, you can have the durability, reasonable price and short delivery times. 
AND, the parts are made in the USA.
You may wonder how we are able to provide the same quality as the OEM, but keep the prices low.  We do not have the overhead of the OEM.  We use that money to make the products better and save you money.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap aftermarket suppliers where quality may be compromised.

We assemble hoses for the following Nordson® Melters:

Model IV/V
All Slautterback® Melters

Types of Hoses Assembled:

Need help determining which hose is right for your packaging line?  Call us at 800-235-8090 or email at sales@keystoneparts.com.

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