Hose Maintenance for Nordson®, Slautterback®, HMT®, ITW, Melton, Robatech®, and Meltex® Hoses

Recommended Hose Maintenance

1.      Wear safety gloves and goggles. Wipe off any hot melt material on the hose fittings and/or the hose braid. Built up material can cause kinking when the hose is moved from one position to another. 
2.      Clean any dust and debris from the hose cover. Accumulated dust can create hot spots in a hose and become a fire hazard.
Flush the entire glue melter unit, including the hoses. Flushing removes excess dirt and charred material.  If changing adhesive types, flush before using new adhesives in case the two adhesives are not compatible.
            Inspecting Hose Hydraulic Connections
1.      Heat the system to operating temperature.
2.      Relieve system pressure by performing all the following actions:

Melter with piston pump:
·        Reduce pump air pressure to zero and disconnect the supply (incoming) air line.
·        Place the air pump ON/OFF switch in the OFF position.
Melter with gear pump: 
·        Turn the motor speed dial to 0%.
·        Place the motor ON/OFF (or START/STOP) switch in the OFF (or STOP) position.
3.      Trigger all guns to relieve any trapped hydraulic pressure.
4.      Disconnect the solenoids and/or photoeyes to prevent accidental triggering of the guns.
5.      Reduce air pressure to the guns:
Melter with automatic guns:

·        Reduce gun air pressure to zero at the regulator.
Melter with handguns:
·        Place the gun trigger safely in the locked position. Hang the handgun by the hole in its handle.
6.      Disconnect and lock out power to the main circuit breaker for the applicator input power line.
7.      Verify fittings are tight at tank and gun ends of hose.
8.      Tighten any loose connections using two wrenches by placing one wrench on the applicator manifold or gun fitting and the other wrench on the hose fitting.

Note: Always use two wrenches to tighten any hose fittings.

Inspecting Hose Electrical Connections
1.      Disconnect and lock out power to the main circuit breaker for the applicator input power line.
2.      Check that all hose electrical plug pins are in good condition, not bent or loose.  Replace damaged/loose pins.
3.      Verify all hose electrical plug connections are tight. Tighten any loose plugs.

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