Hot Melt Machine Rebuilds vs. Exchanges

When hot melt adhesive is part of your production operation, minimizing downtime is critical to the success of your business. Each minute of downtime means production setbacks, loss of employee productivity, and other issues, each of which can greatly impact your bottom line.

Inevitably, your hot melt machines will eventually experience issues that put you at the risk of downtime. Most of the time, getting your machine back into working condition will be more cost effective than buying a new system. But for many businesses, skilled local hot melt repair service technicians are in short supply, so the best option is to choose to a rebuild or exchange program for your hot melt system.

Which option is right for your operation? Let’s review the differences between rebuild and exchange to determine the best match.

What is A Hot Melt Machine Rebuild?

Our hot melt rebuild machine program allows you to pull your existing hot melt unit off the line and send it to Keystone, where it is rebuilt to like new condition and sent back to you for use. Before opting for a rebuild, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a backup unit to replace the hot melt system being rebuilt?
  • If no backup is available, can the production line run without the system while it is being rebuilt?
  • Does my current unit have all the features needed for my operation for the foreseeable future?

If you answered yes to the above questions, a rebuild is likely a great choice for you. If the final question regarding features is difficult for you to answer, speak to a customer support representative from Keystone – we’ll be able to help you determine whether upgrading to a new system will be a better choice for you in the long term.

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What is A Hot Melt Machine Exchange?

Like the hot melt machine rebuild program, a hot melt machine exchange involves you sending your hot melt unit to Keystone, where we rebuild the system to like new condition. The difference with the exchange program is that Keystone sends you a rebuilt system, and you only send your system after receiving the Keystone system and install it on your production lineto replace the unit you are returning to Keystone. The exchange program is a great choice if the following are true:

  • You do not have a backup machine to run while waiting for your machine to be rebuilt.
  • Your production line cannot run without the machine that needs rebuilt.
  • The unit you currently use has the features needed for your operation through the foreseeable future.

Avoid Downtime with Regular Maintenance and Plenty of Spares

Each dollar you spend in maintenance and planning can save you exponentially in prevented downtime. Here are some tips to help keep your hot melt systems up and running, even when issues occur:

  • Keep multiple spares of commonly replaced parts for your system. Not sure which parts you’ll need to replace most frequently? Our customer service team can help you identify the most commonly needed parts for your hot melt system.
  • If budget allows, keep a spare hot melt system to swap out when you experience issues. This will allow you to run your operation with minimal issues while you get your machine rebuilt.
  • Complete regular cleaning and maintenance of your system. Check out our resources for helpful maintenance videos.

Have questions about your hot melt system? Contact us or call us at (770) 586-5990 to get quality replacement parts for your hot melt system at a fraction of OEM prices!

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