Inline Filters and Assemblies for Nordson® glue melters

Are you having issues with nozzles clogging?

The solution may be as simple as changing your inline filter between the glue hose and applicator head.

Many production/packaging facilities add this simple maintenance item to their preventive maintenance schedule. 

The frequency of changing your filters will be determined by the type of adhesive used, if your tank sits for long periods at the set temperature, how many outside contaminants you have in the air, if your glue is kept covered before use, if your tank is kept full and many other factors.

There are 2 different types of inline filters used on the Nordson®  applicators:

  • The old style true inline filter and assembly:  

    • advantage to this style is that the glue is forced through the filter and cannot bypass any portion of the filter.
    • disadvantage is that you have to take the complete assembly apart to change the filter.

  • The quick change inline filter and assembly:

    • advantage is the filter cartridge can be easily changed without taking the complete fitting apart and is safer.
    • disadvantage is that small contaminants may bypass the filter cartridge because it is not inline with the fitting.

Either way, you win by making sure the filters are changed on a regular basis.  If you are unsure about when you should change your filters, please give us a call and we can help you make that decision.

Angela Wagley

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