Is Cell Phone Usage in the Workplace a Safety Liability?

Does your facility run like a fine oiled machine or are there daily challenges with staff, product quality, timely shipments, customer dissatisfaction, etc.?

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing can bring peace with employees, keep budgets on track, keep customers happy and just reduce stress in managing.

How to Incorporate Lean Manufacturing

How do you get there? It’s not easy. You will encounter a lot of pushback. But the payoff is well worth it. Need some clarification on some of the tools used? Check out this resource on lean tools and concepts.

Lean Manufacturing and Cell Phone Usage

The big challenge today is electronic devices, especially cell phones, in the workplace by those who do not need them for their job.

Some facilities are able to ban cell phones completely. For those who cannot, the challenge can be exhausting. How does your facility handle cell phone abuse by employees? It becomes a safety liability. Contact us to talk about lean manufacturing and your facility.

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