Is your Nordson® Hose failing? Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Glue Hose Issues

Below are hose troubleshooting procedures.

WARNING: Pressurized hot melt and high voltage! Follow the procedures described
in Installation Manual for your glue melter to safely disconnect and reconnect the hose. Failure to observe this warning may result in personal injury, including death. Wear proper eye protection and safety gloves.  Turn off pump pressure before disconnecting any parts from glue melter.

Issue:  Hose does not heat/won’t reach set temp

  • Possible Cause:  No Input Power 

Solution:  Verify Melter is ON
Verify hose electrical connections are secure
Verify hose channel is set to proper temperature

  • Possible Cause:  Missing contact pin(s) or damaged electrical connector

Solution: Repair the contact pins(s) or damaged electrical connector or replace the hose

  • Possible Cause:  Failed heater or RTD 

Solution:  Connect hose to a known good channel.
If hose heats, original channel is bad
If hose fails to heat, replace hose
Issue:  Little or no adhesive flow 

  • Possible Cause:  Clogged Hose or Nozzle

Solution:  Check the hose:
• Turn off pump pressure
• Disconnect head from hose
• Place end of hose in tank
• Turn on pump pressure
• If no adhesive flow, replace hose
• If good flow, replace nozzle

Issue:  Hose leaks at fluid connector 

  • Possible Cause:  Loose fitting/Damages O-ring, fitting or hose nut

Solution:  Verify Hose/Melter are at operating temperature and tighten fitting(s).
If leaking continues, replace o‐ring.
If leaking continues, replace fitting. 
If leaking continues, replace hose.

If the outcome shows you need a new hose, please call us at 800-235-8090 or email me at  We can save you 1/2 over the OEM prices and we provide a warranty just like the OEM.


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