Leaky Glue Manifold on Nordson®

Did you know that a leaky glue manifold on your Nordson® glue melter can simply be a loose fitting? Maybe you have no fitting at all and need to add a fitting for better hose clearance and for prevention of unnecessary bends in hoses that result in shorter hose life from stress. (fittings come in straight, 45° and 90°)

Common Causes of Manifold Leaks

If your machine has any vibration or if you have drastic temperature changes in the plant, the fitting from the manifold to the hose can loosen over time causing a slow leak.

Use proper safety gear, turn off the pump pressure and use two wrenches (one to hold fitting and other to turn the nut) to check the tightness of the fitting. You can do the same on the other end of the fitting where the hose connects to the fitting.

Keystone Provides Replacement Manifolds at Competitive Prices

There are many Nordson® fittings and we can provide most at a fraction of the price. Keep us in mind for hoses also. We make specialty hoses, hoses for all brands of hot melt units and lengths from 2 foot to 60 foot. Up to 50% less than the OEM – with same life expectancy as OEM.

If you are still having issues with a leak, please contact us. Our experts can help!

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