Lean Manufacturing for the Nordson® Glue Melters

Are you looking for ways to become more efficient and save money in time?

There are some easy steps to take regarding the glue melters on the packaging lines.

Post a laminated parts list at the glue melter containing:

  • The name of the Packaging Line.
  • The Glue Melter Model and Part No.
  • How many hoses and the lengths of each hose
  • How many applicator heads and their part numbers
  • Which nozzle tips fit on which applicator heads
  • The solenoid valve part numbers
  • Which angle inline filter fittings correlate with which heads
  • What mesh size is used in the inline filter fittings
  • Part number of the tank/manifold filter
  • Part numbers of the RTDs or thermostats and Cartridge Heaters used in the applicator heads.
  • If you have a pattern controller, the make and model number.
  • Recommended stock.
  • Person’s Name to contact at the plant.
  • Emergency phone number/email address of the parts vendor (that would be us, hopefully)

All of this information will save time when a line operator, mechanic or maintenance personnel go to the parts clerk or buyer to order parts.  There is no confusion in ordering the correct parts or time in having to investigate a parts manual.

Keystone Industries® offers a service of walking the lines and documenting this information for you.  If you would like more information, please contact me at angelaw@keystoneparts.com or call 800-235-8090.

Angela Wagley

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