Motorcycle Events for this Weekend

Are you looking for a good motorcycle event for this weekend?  
Spring is here for most of us and it is time to get out on those scooters and ride in the wind.

Make sure your bike is ready.

  • Check your oil
  • Check your air pressure in tires – very important!!!!
  • If the bike hasn’t been out for awhile, take it out on a short trip to test everything before heading out on a weekend trip
  • Make sure your tag is updated and you have your insurance information.
  • Check your signal lights and headlight(s).
  • Don’t forget the important tail and brake light(s)!!!  You don’t want anyone running up your tailpipe!
  • Verify you have everything you need in your tool kit.

Top off the gas tank and have fun!

Ride safe!

Angela Wagley

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