Needle Nozzles for Nordson® Applicators

Adhesive applications such as corrugated, bookbinding and where adhesive is applied from a short distance typically use the needle nozzles for the Nordson® glue applicators.  

Needle nozzles are made in orifice sizes from .010 of an inch in diameter to .040 of an inch in diameter.  

Needle nozzles are made in different engagement lengths to provide an accurate bead.  
Engagement lengths offered are .050, .075, .100, .150 and .300.  
The .300 diameter nozzles are made of brass and all other diameters are made of stainless steel.

If the proper engagement is chosen for your specific application, the benefits can be great.

  • Reduction in adhesive usage while maintaining the desired bond……

This will provide a reduction in spending.

  • Minimal splash back and angel hair on conveyor, rails and surrounding equipment…….

This  will reduce line downtime.

  • Reduction in rejects due to appropriate amount of adhesive being applied…….

This will reduce time employees spend on reseals.

    Let me know if you need help in choosing the appropriate nozzle for your specific application.

    Angela Wagley

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