Are you being Bullied by the OEM?

Are you having trouble finding parts for your current Nordson® glue melter?  Nordson® has made many parts obsolete on glue melters that are still in good condition.  Don’t be forced by Nordson® to buy a new melter when we have the parts available to keep your existing melters going.

Not only can we help with the parts, but also can complete refurbish your old Nordson® melters.

Base prices start at:

Model IV/V – $2595.00

2300 – $2575.00

3100 – $3095.00

3400 – $3299.00

3500 – $3475.00

3700 – $4175.00

3800 – $6500.00

3900 – $6700.00

Give us a try – we offer FREE samples of nozzles so you can try before you buy.
Give us a call or drop us an email.  800-235-8090

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