Nordson® ProBlue Rebuilds

Cut Costs With a Nordson® ProBlue Rebuild

Looking for an alternative for purchasing a new Nordson® glue melter? Have you considered having your unit rebuilt or exchanging your unit for a rebuilt unit?

Not only can you save money with rebuilding, but also, you can expense the rebuild instead of having to wait for approval for a capital purchase.

Our Selection of Rebuilds

We have many units in stock from Nordson® Model IV/V, Nordson® 2300, Nordson® 3000 series, Nordson® DuraBlue™ and Nordson® ProBlue. We also rebuild ITW and Slautterback® melters.

Contact Keystone for Your Rebuild Needs

If you are having technical issues with your Nordson® ProBlue, please check out the manual for troubleshooting.

We do provide a warranty on the units. Call us at 800-235-8090 for a quote on your rebuild or contact us online.

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