Old Style Nozzles for Nordson® H20 Applicators

Nordson® has made many parts of their melters and parts obsolete.  

One of those parts specifically is the H20 style modules (153011). 
We manufacture the H20 Style module, applicator heads and glue nozzles.

There is nothing wrong with the performance of these older versions of applicator heads and nozzles.  Nordson® developed newer versions and would like you to replace your old melters with these new expensive melters so than can enjoy a return on their investment.  

Since we assemble those parts, you have a choice to continue using the older versions and still keep your downtime to a minimum.


We assemble the modules, applicator heads and a variety of nozzles to fit these H20 Style modules.

Don’t let the OEM force you to buy the newest melter with all new parts.  You have the option of keeping your old melter and still stocking the old style parts that we assemble.
We also rebuild the old melters and give a warranty.

Have questions or need more info?  Please call us at 800-235-8090 or email us.

Keystone is here to save you money and keep your lines running.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries®

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