Is Cell Phone Usage in the Workplace a Safety Liability?

March 1, 2016

Does your facility run like a fine oiled machine or are there daily challenges with staff, product quality, timely shipments, customer dissatisfaction, etc.? What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing can bring peace with employees, keep budgets on track, keep customers happy and just reduce stress in managing. How to Incorporate Lean Manufacturing How do you […]

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Industrial Glue Stick Handgun

December 21, 2015

In the market for a heavy duty glue stick handgun?  The KGG220 is durable and inexpensive ($130) for those short term projects and for reseals in the packaging industry.    The KGG220 uses 1/2″ glue stick.  We also can supply the 1/2″ x 12 ” general purpose EVA glue sticks (sold by 22lb box – […]

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 22, 2015

Lighthouse Family Retreat September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, but for Lighthouse Family Retreat is it just another day of the 365 days of the year that they are helping to bring joy to families with children fighting cancer.  Cancer doesn’t come one month out of the year, but can bring months to years of […]

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Char…The 4 letter dirty word in Hot Melt

August 27, 2015

  Stop the Char Is the frequency of your glue melter issues becoming the center of production meeting conversations?   Do you have a solid Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule in place? If you have a glue melter that is charred to the point you are discussing the purchase of a new unit……. then STOP.  Keystone […]

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Wash Down Glue Hose for Wet Packaging Environments

August 14, 2015

Many manufacturing facilities are mandated by the FDA to periodically wash down equipment. If you are one of these facilities, you may have had or are having various electrical issues with non-wash down equipment/parts. Speaking specifically from the area of the adhesive melters, we are very aware of the downtime that can be caused by […]

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Great Places to Fish – Share your best fish pics

August 3, 2015

Custer State Park – South Dakota Whether you prefer saltwater or fresh water fishing, the sport is relaxing and satisfying.  My Grandfather taught me to fresh water fish at an early age in the family farm pond.  Maybe you have some fond memories of fishing with a loved one you can share.  It was always […]

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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

July 13, 2015

Where does your company fall in this graph? Do you have the authority to make positive change within your organization? If so, you can provide enormous savings to a company by implementing a Preventive Maintenance program on your packaging lines. Provided is a sample of a simple PM Check List for preventive maintenance on the […]

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Valco Stainless Steel Glue Nozzles

May 5, 2015

We are obsoleting our Mactron/Valco cold glue stainless steel nozzles.  We have 6 of the KMS030 (.030 diameter) remaining and 10 fo the KMS040 (.040 diameter) remaining.  Since our concentration is in the hot melt parts business, we have little demand for cold glue parts. Please let us know if you need these – price […]

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Char Buildup in Glue Melter

March 27, 2015

What are the causes of char in glue melters and what can you do to reduce the buildup? Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the pesky char that clogs your nozzles and shuts down a production line.  Sounds easy, right?!? There are many variables that can attribute to this issue.  Make some observations of your […]

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