Pneumatic Panel for Nordson® ProBlue®

Are you having to replace the pneumatic panel too often on your Nordson® ProBlue® glue melter?  One of the root causes of this scenario is easily resolved, therefore, can quickly save you money in both time and parts.  When the melter is overfilled, the extra adhesives will overflow and make its way down to the bottom of the melter.  Being that is where the pneumatic panel is located, the adhesive will settle in the wiring of the pneumatic panel causing a failure with your pneumatic panel.

This is a simple fix.  Train! Train! and Train some more!  Educate operators on how to fill a melter.  See the fill line in the tank beelow that idicates to the operator where to stop filling.  See arrow below that points to the fill line.

Do you want to save money in parts and in downtime?  Of course, you do!   Don’t delay,  stock a pneumatic panel today!

Order a KNS0115 that replaces the Nordson® 1028307 for a fraction of the OEM price.  Check out our new website and register to order online today!

Angela Wagley

Keystone Industries®, Inc.


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