Prepping for Catastrophe – What’s your plan?


With the looming fiscal cliff, dismal employment rate numbers, high fuel prices, natural disasters including droughts that have wreaked havoc on our crops, many people these days are proactively taking steps to prepare for the worst and are ready to protect their families.

What are you doing to protect your family in case of a catastrophe?

Water is the most important resource for our survival.  There are reasonable priced water treatment systems available online and one website I recommend is

Walmart also carries 5 gallon storage containers for water.

Food will be your second important resource.  You can find dried food with a 25 year shelf life at the same website above.   Again, you will need water to mix this food.

If you are on a well, there are options of manual pumps and/or solar power.  Fuel may be too hard to obtain so don’t rely on that resource.

After you have a supply of water and food, you have to protect your stash.  Many people are leery of having firearms, but you will need them to protect your family and property.  People become very desperate when hungry.  

Visit for some ideas on what may be best for you and your family.  A large storage of ammunition will be important – ALWAYS use safe gun practices and keep away from children.  It is best to educate your children about any weapons you have in your possession.

The important aspect of all of this is to prepare and not panic.  Have a plan and discuss with your family.  Have a safe room for your family and make sure each family member is educated regarding your supplies and weaponry.  Remember, you may be hurt and are unable to use your weapons, so make sure you are not the only one trained to use your firearms.

Please post any comments, suggestions, and other legitimate website you recommend.

Have a great weekend!

Angela Wagley – Keystone Industries®

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