Prevent Char Buildup in your Nordson® Melter

Are you having frequent issues with char clogging your glue nozzles?

Some root causes are:

  • set temperature is too high on glue tank
  • glue tank is not kept full consistently
  • mixing adhesives together
  • too much run time without flushing/cleaning tank
  • old hoses
  • old applicator heads
  • old nozzles
  • contaminants in dry glue storage
  • glue tank lid not closed
  • contaminants in the air (sugar, flour, starches, box dust, etc.)
  • glue tank is left on when not in use

There are easy steps you can take to reduce the amount of time you have char issues:

  • Compare the recommended set temperature for your glue tank with the adhesive specs
  • Keep the glue tank topped off as often as possible
  • Always purge and flush a glue tank before beginning use of a new adhesive
  • Add flushing the glue tank to a preventive maintenance plan
  • Replace old hoses and applicator heads
  • Replace old nozzles
  • Keep dry adhesive in a container that is covered at all times
  • Keep glue tank lid closed at all times
  • program setback for when glue tank is not in use

For SIMPLE instructions on flushing your glue tank, click here.

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Angela Wagley

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