Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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Do you have the authority to make positive change within your organization?

If so, you can provide enormous savings to a company by implementing a Preventive Maintenance program on your packaging lines.

Provided is a sample of a simple PM Check List for preventive maintenance on the adhesive melting equipment that can get you started.  Start small and move up to the whole packaging machine.  You can be the hero and provide a longer life for the company’s machinery, save in spend in parts purchased and prevent expensive downtime.

Some of the many ways to extend the life of the adhesive melter are:

Change filters before contaminants cause restricted flow (both tank and and inline)
Purge tank of contaminants  (Keystone provides cleaner)
Replace seals/gaskets in pump
Check glue hoses for wear/tear
Check circuitry for accurate settings (Keystone repairs OEM circuit boards)
Verify applicators and hoses are holding set temperatures
Clean or replace nozzles
Verify glue modules are not leaking and are firing properly
Verify tank manifold has no leaks
Verify pump is shifting correctly and holding pressure

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