Preventive Maintenance on Nordson® Melters

In your Preventive Maintenance (PM) Plan for your Nordson® glue melters, do you have a requirement to change the inline filters?  Changing inline filters is simple and will reduce unexpected and costly downtime.

Verify you are using the proper mesh size that works the most efficiently with the nozzle orifice sizes you are using on the applicators.

With .010 diameter and smaller orifice nozzles, use a 200 mesh inline filter to catch  the smaller contaminants and char that can clog the nozzle.

With .012 – .021 orifice nozzles, use a 100 mesh inline filter.

With .024 orifices and up, use a 50 mesh inline filter.

If you are using thick butyl and a large orifice or no nozzle at all (just module), we offer a 24 mesh inline filter.

Angela Wagley


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