ProBlue F1 Fault for Failed RTD Sensor

The Nordson® ProBlue melters will display a F1 fault light when the tank RTD has failed.  

But, first before going the route of replacing the RTD Sensor, verify that all connections are secure.  This fault code will also display if you have a loose connection.  Check the electrical connection for the hoses at the tank end and the electrical connection between the hoses and applicators.  

Once you have determined that you have secure connections and the F1 fault is still displaying, replace the tank RTD sensor.  Click here for replacement instructions.

Keystone supplies a RTD Sensor kit for $40.  It is recommended that one of these be kept in stock to prevent more downtime than is needed.  This kit is also used on the Nordson® Mesa melters.

Are you still having issues with your melter?  Please call us at 800-235-8090 for free technical assistance.

Angela Wagley

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