Proper Set up – Heated Nordson® Glue Hoses

There are simple steps you can take to properly set up your heated hoses on your Nordson®, Melton, Slautterback® and ITW glue melters.

It begins with having the appropriate length hose. 

  • A hose that is too long can bring variables into play that can damage the hose, such as, the hose may be lying on the floor in wet elements, may be in danger of being crushed by other machinery, can be kinked easier, etc.
  • A hose that is too short can be under undue pressure that can stress the wiring and cause a malfunction.

After you have determined the appropriate length that is needed, verify the fittings are the correct angles at both ends of the hose.  

There is a standard fitting at the tank end and an inline filter fitting at the applicator head end.  It is important that the angles on these fittings are conducive to creating a straight hose after the hose cuffs (no kinks).  Otherwise, the wiring can be damaged in the hose which will cause a hose failure.  The angles offered are straight, 45° and 90°.


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