Rebuilding Nordson® parts in house to save money

Is your company scraping for every penny these days?

If you have good mechanics, maybe consider rebuilding in house to help prolong the life of Nordson® glue parts.

To prolong the life of the Nordson® melters and parts:

  • Clean nozzles
  • Purge glue melter
  • Rebuild piston pump
  • Rebuild modules
  • Replace tank filter and inline filters frequently

Rebuild kits for modules:

KNRKH2C – for standard H200 style modules
KNRKH2C-CB – for Easy-On® style modules

Rebuild Kits for pumps:

KNPU2300 – for 2300 piston pumps
KNPU3000 – for 3000 piston pumps
KNPU4710PB – for ProBlue pumps

Nozzle Cleaning Kit:

KNCK10 – includes a pin vise and 3 pks of 10 of probes
you pick the size of probes

Cleaning solution for nozzles and tank:

RB-1 – Red Baron – 1 gallon
RB-5 – Red Baron – 5 gallon
RB-55 – Red Baron – 55 gallon drum

If you are short on staff, Keystone offers rebuild services for the glue melters and pumps that will be less expensive than buying new.

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