Reduce Glue Nozzle Clogging

Are you having consistent issues with nozzles clogging on your glue applicators?

Verify your inline and tank filters are clean.  A little time in preventive maintenance will go a long way in preventing unplanned and costly downtime.  Over time contaminants will form in the adhesive tank and hose, break off and flow to the applicator heads.  Both the tank filter and the inline filters can catch most of the debris and reduce clogging of the nozzles.

Tank Filters for Nordson®

KNTF104 – Mdl VII/IX
KNTF106 – Mdl 2000/2200
KNTF130 – Mdl IV//XIV
KNTF578 – Mdl 2300/300
KNFH0226 – Mdl ProBlue 4/7/10 & DuraBlue™ 10/16

For a variety of inline filters click here

Remember for inline filters, the smaller number mesh size means less restriction. Generally, you want more restrictive mesh on smaller diameter nozzle orifices and less restrictive on larger size nozzle orifices.  If unsure which filter mesh size you need, please call us and we can assist.

Don’t be the one who cost your company thousands of dollars in downtime by neglecting to change glue melter filters!!!!

Angela Wagley

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