Refurbished Nordson® Melters on the Shelf

Looking to save money on either exchanging your Nordson® melter for a refurbished Nordson® (same model) or looking to buy a refurbished melter outright?

Currently, Keystone has the following models on the shelf and ready to ship:

Nordson® Model V
Nordson® Model 115
Nordson® 3890
Nordson® DuraBlue™ 10
Nordson® ProBlue 10
Nordson® 3402
Nordson® 3502
Nordson® 3504
Nordson® 3704
Nordson® 3706
Keystone KP2502
Slautterback® AT25

Starting at $2495, depending on the unit and if an exchange will be returned.
A warranty is included on all refurbished melters.

Call us today for your melter needs and an exact quote.
Angela Wagley

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