Safety using Hot Melt


Hot Melt Adhesive Safety Tips

Have you ever had molten adhesive on your skin? If you have, “Hot, do not touch” is an understatement to you.

This first thing we want to do it wipe if off. Resist that urge because you will just spread the molten glue to more skin! Immediately cover affected area in clean cool water. Seek medical attention for removal of glue to avoid deep skin removal.

Preparing to Work on Hot Melting Equipment

Before working on any hot melting equipment, such as NordsonĀ®, Valco/Melton, ITW, SlautterbackĀ® or even a small simple glue handgun, be prepared.

Make sure to power down the equipment and give the equipment time to cool. If you need to remove parts, use safety gloves and the proper wrenches.

Since glue machines are under pressure, be sure to turn off the pump pressure before removing any parts to avoid a burst of adhesive.

If you are purging a glue tank, please click here for a step by step video. For more information about hot melt adhesive safety tips, talk to a Keystone representative or call us at (800)235-8090

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