Spray/Swirl Modules for Nordson® Spray Applications

If you are in the non-wovens or any other facility where swirl glue patterns are used, you understand how expensive the parts are for the Nordson® glue applicators.  The special performing spray/swirl applicator heads can be very pricey.

To reduce the cost, Keystone makes a replacement for Nordson®’s 144906 module that is much less expensive.  The high performance swirl nozzles contain 12 air holes and are precision machined, therefore, not requiring an oring. 

Keystone’s swirl pattern modules are air actuated by a solenoid valve.  The solenoid valve opens the needle allowing adhesive to flow and the spring in the module closes the needle which stops the flow of adhesive.

A separate air supply, exiting through the 12 air holes on the nozzle tip, is directed onto the extruding adhesive, creating the desired swirl pattern.

Angela Wagley

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