Troubleshoot Nordson® Pump


Is your Nordson® ProBlue pump cycling fast, not holding pressure and not producing glue at the applicators?

1.  Verify the proper air pressure is being sent to the pump.

  • If not, adjust pressure to recommendations made in melter operating manual.

2.  Check for adhesive leaks in manifold and at pump bottom ball.

  • If leaks, repair leaks and/or clean contaminants from check ball in pump.

3.  Verify glue tank is full.

  • If not full, turn off pump, fill tank with adhesive and give tank time to melt adhesive before turning pump on.

4.  Verify isolation valve is open.

  • If closed, open isolation valve.

5.  Verify the hot melt is not returning to the tank through the return port located behind the tank screen.

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