Types of Precision Nozzles for Nordson®

For applying the right amount of glue in the right pattern every time, nozzle type and design mean everything. You can save time, money and glue by choosing the Nordson®-compatible Keystone Industries® precision nozzle that is best suited to your application. Take a moment to learn how to determine the correct nozzle type for your materials and process by understanding the different terms and nozzle specifications.
You don’t need to be an expert in industrial hot melt glue nozzles. That’s what we’re here for.
We’ll show you the difference between the various styles of nozzles so you can be confident you’re ordering the right nozzles for your business and adhesive application. Keystone Industries®’ Nordson®-compatible nozzles are built for precision and consistency and to offer greater control and durability than other nozzles you’ll find on the market, including many OEM nozzles.

Six Factors in Choosing Your Nozzle

Consider the following technical details when choosing your hot melt glue nozzle:

  • Pattern: Does your application call for dispensing glue in a bead, slot or spray pattern for adequate coverage and to ensure you get the glue exactly where it’s needed?
  • Number of orifices: Choose the nozzle with the correct number of orifices, ranging from one orifice for a single bead or spray to multiple orifices for multiple beads at the same time.
  • Style of gun: The style of gun relates to the control and positioning you need for your application. Your gun style will allow for certain types and styles of Nordson®-style nozzles.
  • Nozzle angle position: The angle of the nozzle is in relation to the gun body. You can choose inline straight, multi orifice or 90° angles depending on the position & the amount of adhesive you require for your gluing.
  • Orifice diameter: Nordson® nozzles range in diameter from .008” (small) for reduced adhesive flow and precision gluing to .040” (large) for greater flow and faster coverage.
  • Engagement: This is the length of the orifice channel, or the distance from the nozzle seat to the tip of the nozzle. Select a longer engagement if you want reduced adhesive flow but greater velocity.

When you consider all of these important points before ordering your nozzle, you’re giving yourself greater control over the volume, pattern and placement of your hot melt adhesive. This control means you’ll put the right amount of glue exactly where you need it for consistent and repeatable gluing for your manufacturing, packaging or installation applications. Choose the Keystone Industries® precision nozzle for your Nordson® hot melt equipment that improves the quality of your gluing process and ensures more reliable long-term adhesive bonds.

Need Help Choosing?

If you understand the six factors necessary for choosing the right industrial adhesive nozzle, you can browse our catalog and place your order today. If you’re not sure which nozzle suits your application best, we invite you to contact our experienced team here at Keystone Industries®. Simply fill out our online contact form with all of your questions or give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.
We have hundreds of different nozzle styles, including 90-degree, domed, needle, pencil, single guards and spray. Tell us about your industrial gluing application — including information on your materials, throughput speeds, adhesive strength requirements and other process details — so we can help you select the perfect Keystone Industries® precision nozzle for your Nordson® adhesive equipment that saves you time, effort and money.

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