Varieties of Applicators for Nordson® Melters

Washdown Reduced Cavity
Low Profile
Single Standard

There are many different types of glue applicator heads for the various types of applications.  

1 module to 50 module blocks. 
Low profile & standard.  
Washdown & standard.  Common air & independent air.

Are you using the appropriate ones for your applications?

Multiple module applicator heads can have Common Air (CA) where all modules fire at the same time.  Or, applicator heads with multiple modules can be set up to fire modules independently (Independent Air – IA) at different times.  Depending on your set up, the IA applicators can save you money in reducing the number of applicator heads used on a packaging line.

There are 3 basic types of modules that can control the cut off of your bead.

Reduced Cavity
Zero Cavity

  • Standard (Std) modules are your basic bottom of the line packaging module.  You can use these for case sealing where a precise cut off is not important.  These are the least expensive of the three modules.
  • Reduced Cavity (RC) modules are used for a more precise cut off such as consumer seen cartons.  This cut off will prevent the customer from seeing any glue on the outside of the carton.
  • Zero Cavity (ZC) modules are what they say – no cavity left to hold glue to drip.  These are used in exact and very precise applications.  An example, gluing lipstick into the holder.

I have witnessed in some plants where ZC modules are used on trayformers and it is over kill.  You are paying triple the amount for these modules and can be using the Std modules with great results.

To save money, check your applicator heads to verify you are using the proper modules for your applications.  

If you need help, please let me know.


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