Wash Down Glue Hose for Wet Packaging Environments

Many manufacturing facilities are mandated by the FDA to periodically wash down equipment. If you are one of these facilities, you may have had or are having various electrical issues with non-wash down equipment/parts.

Speaking specifically from the area of the adhesive melters, we are very aware of the downtime that can be caused by water entering parts.

If you are required to wash down your packaging lines, you should be using glue hoses and glue applicators that are made to be water resistant. This will reduce your downtime due to electrical shortages.

Importance of Water Resistance

When a hose is compromised by water, water enters and soaks the insulation, which is wrapped around the heater wire of the entire length of the hose. This can cause the hose to either cool below set temperature or cause an electrical short, which will destroy the hose. Both scenarios cause expensive downtime.

Water Resistant Products from Keystone

We manufacture water resistant cordsets, glue applicators and glue hoses for a fraction of the cost charged by the OEMs.

Verify you are using the proper parts on your equipment to insure the best performance of your packaging lines.

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