Washdown Hoses for Nordson® Glue Melters


Should you be using Washdown Hoses on your Nordson® Melter?
Have you experienced erratic operation of your heated glue hoses?  Won’t get up to temperature?  Faults?  Won’t heat?
We may have your solution.  You may be using non-wash down type hoses in a wash down environment.  Are you using standard braided hoses with the rectangular clip electrical connector cordset?  Do you wash down your packaging lines frequently?  If so, you may need to go to a wash down style glue melter hose.
How is a wash down hose different, you ask?  Let me tell you.
This style hose has a rubber sheathing that keeps water out of the internal components of the hose.  On the ends of the hose, silicone is added to seal air gaps between the hose cuffs and sheathing that would allow water access.  The electrical connector is round and screws tight to your wash down applicator head to prevent water infiltration.  Now you may be asking, “What if I have standard applicator heads…..do I have to change those out to be able to use these wash down hoses?”  If, and only if, you do not wash down in the applicator glue head area, you can switch the cordset on the applicator head for a minimal amount of around $130.  If there is ANY possibility of water coming in contact with the applicator head, then you will need to purchase the wash down style head that has silicone around the plates.
If your company is a beverage, dairy,meat packing, fresh vegetable/fruit packing, liquid syrup, glass jar canning (such as pickled products), and detergent/cleaning products, you may need these types of hoses.
If you think you may be able to decrease your downtime by switching to wash down style hoses and applicator heads, please let us know.  We will guide you and help you with your conversion.
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