Washdown Nordson® Glue Hoses

Do you wash down your packaging lines?  Are you continually having issues with glue hoses electrically shorting?  You may be using standard glue hoses in a wash down environment. 

If so, Keystone Industries® has a solution that will save you money by reducing downtime and reducing the number of glue hoses you purchase in a year.  Wash down hoses are water resistant and will last longer in wash down environments.

With an outside rubber sheathing to protect the electrical wiring and a round threaded electrical connector to seal off the electrical pins, the wash down style hose will resist the wet environment.  Of course, we do not recommend you use high pressure water spray directly on the hoses, but the hoses are resistant to over spray from the high pressure spray and moisture in the air.

Call us today to find out how to switch out the standard hoses to the wash down style.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries®

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